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J is for Journey

happy new year! i think new year’s is my favorite holiday not because of the extreme celebrating but because of the fresh start.. even if some people think it’s silly :) in honor of starting the year on the right foot, i wanted to share two special things i recently bought that have already made a difference to me.

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amour vert

hiiii! wednesday already? nuts. 

so i usually have the worst luck with buying plain tees.. they are usually too see through, stretch out after you wear it once, or they die in the washing machine. i am totally obnoxious for saying this but it can literally make me so grumpy. 

but i saw this company that sells sustainable tees on instagram a few weeks ago and decided to try one out and let me say..

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california love

one thing i have been thinking about lately is how long natural disasters really last. it seems like we get 24-hour news coverage right after the fact and then it just suddenly stops when there is the next big event. like it took years to rebuild after hurricane katrina - but there isn’t the same level of focus on that as there is on the immediate shock and awe of the disaster. is that because of what makes “good” (compelling) news or do people just have a shortened attention span for these worldly events that don’t really affect their daily life? i don’t know. but it’s something i think about, especially having a blog that usually focuses on clothes or fun activities, cause there’s so much more to life than the trivial stuff, and i just want to acknowledge the other side.

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sackcloth + ashes

today’s post is a little different. as much as i like scrolling through people’s outfit posts on instagram or reading their blogs, i never wanted to do it myself unless i acknowledged the bigger picture - that as fun as clothes are, it isn’t what really matters long-term. there are bigger problems and more important matters than what brand your jeans are.

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