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Truth Talks: Joel

meet joel. he tells stories for black people. and maybe you, too, if you are willing to listen (which you should). i set out this month to talk to someone who, at first glance, was different from me in some way. and after reading joel’s bio, i knew i wanted to sit down and learn from him. he’s magic - passionate, heartfelt, honest, and kind - and he’s going to change the world, one word at a time.

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Truth Talks: Alex

meet Alex, a Gaucho, a photographer, a Woman Doing Science. and so much more. Alex juggles many hats and many passions and does so with grace, humility, enthusiasm, and a happiness that is infectious beyond words. i met Alex in a sociology class back at UC Santa Barbara and was immediately in awe of not just how brilliant she is how hard she works to chase her dreams - no accidental success here - but how she does so with a smile on her face and enthusiasm that cannot be replicated. she’s so personable and cares so deeply that you cannot help but be motivated to put your heart on the line and turn your plans into action, too.

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Truth Talks: Michelle

Meet Michelle, a mom to preemie twins who are survivors of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS). I found her through the Instagram Explore page and have been following her family ever since. She’s incredibly fearless and honest when it comes to advocating for her boys and raising awareness, and I hope you find her as inspiring as I do.

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Truth Talks: Carlton

Meet Carlton. in case you didn’t know, i’m a firm believer that things happen for a reason - coincidences are nonexistent in my book, and there is definitely a reason that carlton came into my life. i met him for the first time last month when we became roommates for ten days. one “hey, you wanna grab coffee?” later, and this conversation is the end result.. a perfect reminder to say hi and ask someone what they’re all about from time to time.

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Truth Talks: Brandon

Meet Brandon, one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met. He’s an author, motivational speaker, and someone who encourages you to be a better person, whether you spend 5 minutes or 5 hours with him. I met Brandon on a cloudy day in Philadelphia and didn’t really edit our conversation, so be prepared for him to put the “f” in fun and for the quick fix to be presented in short and long form :)

But really, there’s so much you can learn from someone if you choose to sit and listen, and I hope you find this conversation with Brandon as impactful as I did.

Because no one can tell Brandon’s story quite like he can, let’s jump in..

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Truth Talks: Amanda

Meet Amanda, my best friend for as long as i can remember (ok, seventh grade). it may seem biased to include her, but trust me, there’s a reason. i’m a little frustrated this is interview is typed and not a live session because her energy is so infectious.

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Truth Talks: Destiny

Meet Destiny. I don’t even know how to introduce her, other than to say that you need to know her. When I think of Destiny, the first words that come to mind are heart, thoughtful, and intentional. Her zest for life is contagious, and she just radiates happiness - not the blissfully unaware, happy-go-lucky happiness, but the “I am choosing to be happy” kind of happiness, the kind that matters. I’m so grateful that she agreed to speak with me, and I hope you enjoy this Truth Talk as much as I did. 💛

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Truth Talks: Stephanie

meet stephanie, founder and President of The Animal Pad, a non-profit, all breed dog rescue that focuses on saving dogs from high kill shelters and the streets of Mexico. I recently spoke to her because I wanted to learn what goes into animal rescuing (beyond all the misconceptions and those heart-breaking commercials you see on TV), and why it’s so important to rescue animals, especially for those of you looking to get a pet this holiday season.

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Truth Talks: Jamey

Hi! Welcome to my new series, Truth Talks. I started this because I’ve always been a curious person, and love having deeper conversations with people who are different than me – whether that’s because of their experiences, their perspectives, values, or what they do in their day to day life. These interviews are all about the authentic conversations I have with friends, strangers, and people I admire.

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