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blogging Q&A

hi guys :) currently at the airport and i can literally feel someone reading this over my shoulder - never felt more awkward, but also hi stranger - and i wanted to end this month’s blogging themed posts with a little Q&A :)

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copy cats and cat eyes

hi. hope you are all having a good day and are excited for the weekend :)

taking a time out to share this today. it’s not a rant or a “subtweet” or really anything of negative spirit. just a little “thinking out loud” moment. writing something for me, not “for me but i hope you read this and think it’s about you.” just.. for me. and maybe for you, if what i have to say can help you in some way.

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how i started blogging

hi! happy september, how are you? in case you didn’t know, i am dedicating this entire month to explaining my sharing what i have learned about creating and growing a blog.

aside from hair stuff, this topic is what i am asked about the most (especially from friends), so i decided to compile everything into a few dedicated posts.

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character, narratives, and reputations

what a week it’s been.

what a month it’s been.

i’ve spent a lot of my recent blog posts talking about change and the lessons i’ve learned lately (more so than my outfits) because as cliche as it sounds, i’ve started to think this is the year of being hit in the face by life with a lot of important lessons.

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