turn left or right?


hi guys :)

hope you all have had a good weekend.. these photos are from yesterday when me, Morgan, Ryan, and Bailey went up to Idyllwild for the day. 

it was so nice to just go up there and be mellow (hence the coffee.. we sat for like 2 hours) and do whatever.

we ended up playing this little game that was Bailey’s idea.. it’s where you are driving and you all take turns choosing if you turn left or right :) best way to get lost.

since we were on a mountain we ended up hitting a lot of no outlet streets so we just decided to get out and walk a bit.. but there was NO trespassing i swear.

and then when we were driving home we stopped at the prettiest lookout. had to take pictures, naturally. we were leaving just as all the storm clouds were rolling in, and it got super windy.. which is why it looks like ryan and i are in struggle city. haha but it was just a solid day.

ps did you notice that ryan and me matched and then bailey and morgan matched? totally not planned at allll.

hope you all have a good week 💛