favorite booties + goals for june


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happy day :)

hope you are all having a good day!

what a month may has been! i can't believe tomorrow is the last day of may! it’s hard to believe the year is already almost halfway over, but at the same time i feel like this month really packed a punch and came at me from all angles haha. one thing i like to do at the end of each month is make three goals for the following month, and i thought i would share my goals for june with you!

1. be present

i have a lot planned for June and my goal is to stay present as often as i can! i have a tendency to focus on the next thing constantly and  my mindset is usually “go go go,” which isn’t necessarily a good thing. i haven’t looked into specific strategies with this - i think just trying to stay aware of the goal, and the fact that there’s a lot of different stuff going on, will keep me on track.

2. take action

one thing that was unusually high during may was actually my anxiety! i really wouldn’t say it is at a level to complain about (let’s face it, i shouldn’t be complaining about anything), but i haven’t felt anxious in a longgggg time so it was kind of an “out of left field” thing for me. what i realized is that the best way i combat anxiety is by taking action - just doing something to get some feeling of things progressing or me being more control of the situation. so if i have a little more anxiety in june, my goal is to just take some form of action (no matter how small) and push through it.

3. be intentional

last goal! i think this goes hand in and with my other goals - i want to really focus on intent and be purposeful with my thoughts and actions. i recently read the 4 hour workweek and he brought up a really good point. i’m paraphrasing what i got out of it here, this isn’t necessarily what he said: complete your tasks fully, regardless of the timetable. if it takes 20 minutes good, 3 hours, fine. don’t stretch your activities to fit the whole 8 hours if they don’t need to. i want to apply this by being more focused throughout the day with my tasks and how i’m spending my time, not just to be more efficient, but i think the producitivity will open more opportunities and lead to just an overall mood boost. 

that’s it :) hope you guys have a good month of june and have fun activities planned, too :) !