an outfit + a thought


hi happy friday! hope you have all had a good weekend :) i feel like it’s been a while since i have consistently shared outfit posts with you guys on here and i know i used to do it semi-frequently.

it’s just.. kind of boring?

i don’t know.

one of the main things that kept me from starting a blog in the first place was because i didn’t want it to be some walking billboard pumping affiliate codes left, right, and center. nor did i want to be some nordstrom- obsessed thing. not that it’s a bad thing.. i think style blogs are great and fun to read. i just hesitate to engage in it because i’ve learned a lot about how fast fashion affects people and the environment, and it’s one of those things where once you know.. you can’t un-know.

not to mention.. i wear the same things all the time (you know this).

so here is my thought: i think sometimes - not all the time but more often as of late - there is more in my brain that i want to talk about other than how something fits, or if it’s on sale. i’ll still post about it at times, but i don’t necessarily want it to be the focal point anymore.

i think it’s natural and expected to change as you get older and time passes - whether that’s five minutes or five years.

clothes are fun. i’m always gonna be a fan of online shopping (low-key please stop asking me to go to the mall with you 🙏🏼 but i will scroll with you til you find your dream dress, ok?) but there is just so much MORE out there.

what are you thinking? how is life going? visited anywhere cool recently? tried something new? had one of those “only me” moments that made you laugh for foreverrrrr?

let’s talk about that.

of course i will still link clothes in posts and will have “outfit posts” go up at times but i’ve noticed that there’s more realness and overall good vibes (thoughtful vibes?) happening when i post about other things. yes even when i strictly talk about the weather.. in san diego of all places haha.

so maybe you’re like me and are unsubscribing from store emails by the dozens lately and choosing to spend your money on experiences rather than random t-shirts (or saving a little, too?). or maybe after all has been said, you’re ready to drop me like a hot potato and head to the mall. it’s cool. but even if it’s just two steps to the left, i want to try to move away from all of the consumerism- centric posts and talk about other stuff from time to time.

deal? deal.

PS - how is the weather where you are? it will always blow my mind seeing where you are all from! so many places i’ve never been and even some places i haven’t heard of before. thank you so much for checking out my site :) and hi.

PSS -a little less outfits but don’t worry, i will still be posting about pink hair because that’s why so many of you are here :) pink hair posts til the lights turn out.. promise.


and only if you want to.. outfit links: