Truth Talks: Alex

meet Alex, a Gaucho, a photographer, a Woman Doing Science. and so much more. Alex juggles many hats and many passions and does so with grace, humility, enthusiasm, and a happiness that is infectious beyond words. i met Alex in a sociology class back at UC Santa Barbara and was immediately in awe of not just how brilliant she is how hard she works to chase her dreams - no accidental success here - but how she does so with a smile on her face and enthusiasm that cannot be replicated. she’s so personable and cares so deeply that you cannot help but be motivated to put your heart on the line and turn your plans into action, too.

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Paige DiTullioComment
a purposeful morning

hi :) how are you guys doing? i feel like things have been going 100 miles a minute lately - i am currently halfway through a super intense 2 weeks of work (not complaining, i love the momentum) and it’s got me thinking about balance and not necessarily time management (which sounds really formal and a bit impersonal), but how we choose to spend our time.

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an outfit + a thought

hi happy monday! hope you have all had a good weekend :) i feel like it’s been a while since i have consistently shared outfit posts with you guys on here and i know i used to do it semi-frequently. it’s just.. kind of boring? i don’t know.

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introvert or extrovert?

hellooooo happy thursday!

1. not gonna lie, i start out my blog posts with the day of the week purely because i never 100% know what day it is.

2. i am SO sleep deprived and tired that the computer screen is slightly blurry and i probably should go to bed.

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