blogging Q&A

hi guys :) currently at the airport and i can literally feel someone reading this over my shoulder - never felt more awkward, but also hi stranger - and i wanted to end this month’s blogging themed posts with a little Q&A :)

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copy cats and cat eyes

hi. hope you are all having a good day and are excited for the weekend :)

taking a time out to share this today. it’s not a rant or a “subtweet” or really anything of negative spirit. just a little “thinking out loud” moment. writing something for me, not “for me but i hope you read this and think it’s about you.” just.. for me. and maybe for you, if what i have to say can help you in some way.

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bobby pin starburst hairstyle

hi! wanted to share this fun little bobby pin look - i for the LIFE of me could not figure out what to call it.. just no idea.

however i also included black and white photos because i know not everyone loves the pink hair and this is a hairstyle you can do that looks so pretty and fancy regardless of what color your hair is :)

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hairPaige DiTullio Comment
how i plan blog content

hi :) sharing all about how i plan and organize my blog stuff today.. aka how i create and update my content calendar. which is really just my calendar that has everything in it, i just add blog stuff as well. some people have separate content calendars from their life stuff but it’s really personal preference.

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uniform: favorite hats

hi :) you probably don’t remember but i did a post foreverrrr ago on the “uniform” i wear most days when i am out and about or running errands. i wanted to bring that back and share my favorite hats, which are definitely a staple in my closet. i have too many (really - it’s bad) but i wear at least one a week, so i don’t consider it wasteful or excessive.

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