what to do when life knocks you down

(in no particular order..)


get out of your zip code.

  • surround yourself with friends.. new and old.

  • call your mom.

  • pick up a lucky penny and then drop two.


get tea at 12 AM and walk around.

  • go somewhere quiet and get loud with your thoughts.

  • M U S I C .

  • make a few sacrifices and do something for someone else.


save some money, make some money, but also.. treat yourself.

  • read a book and get lost in someone else’s world.

  • talk to a little kid.

  • eat a cookie.. or four.


watch the sunset. really watch it. and think about the last time you got to see the sun set, uninterrupted.

  • take three steps towards your future.

  • entertain the unreasonable and the impossible, too.

  • throw away any and all limitations into the trash can.

and then..

pick yourself up and start again.