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Truth Talks: Stephanie

meet stephanie, founder and President of The Animal Pad, a non-profit, all breed dog rescue that focuses on saving dogs from high kill shelters and the streets of Mexico. I recently spoke to her because I wanted to learn what goes into animal rescuing (beyond all the misconceptions and those heart-breaking commercials you see on TV), and why it’s so important to rescue animals, especially for those of you looking to get a pet this holiday season.

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roar and snore: sleeping over at the zoo

sorry for the photo overload.. kind of ;) all of these photos are from this weekend when we spent the night at the san diego safari park as part of the roar and snore safari! my friend morgan and i had done this for a school field trip back in 3rd grade but i don't remember a single thing from it so we decided to go again.

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sackcloth + ashes

today’s post is a little different. as much as i like scrolling through people’s outfit posts on instagram or reading their blogs, i never wanted to do it myself unless i acknowledged the bigger picture - that as fun as clothes are, it isn’t what really matters long-term. there are bigger problems and more important matters than what brand your jeans are.

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