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uniform: girl on the go

happy october first!! i always think of october as signaling the start of the holiday season. doesn’t it feel as though the rest of the year starts to fly by once the month begins? with so much on the calendar already (and i’m sure the same is true for you), i thought i would share my usual “on-the-go” uniform for cooler weather.

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an afternoon at the bradley estate

how pretty is the bradley estate?! this was a TOTAL surprise but ended up being so fun. we went the day after I got back from NYC and i was down to have a low-key day hanging around the house, especially since my flight home was the following day. but my cousin lauren mentioned it, and my aunt kathy is also really into true food (ie. food that isn't processed and sprayed with a bajillion chemicals) so we decided to go check it out :) SO glad we did.

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